Reliable Title and Registration Services for Your Recreational Vehicles

Having a certificate of title for your recreational vehicles is important as it serves as proof of ownership. You will need it for a lot of purposes. In particular, many insurance companies ask for a title deed before providing insurance coverage. 


When you need help with all your recreational vehicles’ title transfer or registration needs in Westmoreland County, turn to our team. We can handle title handovers for your ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and more. We work with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

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Comprehensive Registration Services

We provide complete registration assistance on the following:

◈ Renewals

◈ Change of Address

◈ Updates or Changes to Registration Data

Boat Titling Important Information

Boats that are 14 feet or more in length with the model year of 1997 or newer have to be titled. In addition, even if it’s purchased prior to 1997, a title is required if the length is greater than 14 feet. Contact us for more information.